name : Michiel Czn. Dhont
place of birth : Amsterdam, the Netherlands
date of birth : august 24, 1940
studio address : Molenpad 17, 1016 GL Amsterdam, the Netherlands
private address : Baalder Esch 31 / 7772 JW Hardenberg, NL - tel: + 31 523 638 678
E-mail: michiel -AT-
profession : visual artist, musician, tutor visual arts

Fine Arts training
1963 - 1964 : 'akademie 63', artists: Kater, Ten Holt, Lataster, Couzijn (all wellknown Dutch artists) Haarlem, the Netherlands
1964 - 1968 : drawing-teachers training at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1968 - 1969 : sculpture-training at Rietveld Academy, sculptors: Rietbroek and Wong, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Music training
1949 - 1958 : piano-cello-privat study classical music, Conservatorium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1963 - 1964 : double bass, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1965 - now : performing as musician in jazz and improvised music (double - bass)
1986 : Masterclass double bass in jazz in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Teachers: Ray Brown, U.S.A., Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen, Denmark and Dave Holland, U.S.A.
1987 : Masterclass d.bass, Miroslav Vitous (U.S.A.), Utrecht, the Netherlands

Special education and trainingcourses
1973 : School for Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi) Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1974 : School of Tai-Chi, Patrick Watson, Cheng, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1975 - now : Training and study On "Chakra Psychology", Sri Centre, New York, U.S.A.and Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Shyam Bhatnagar from India
1975 - 1978 : Drama Course by I.D.V. Teacher and Performer: Pamela Koevoets and Bear Capron from U.S.A., Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1987 : Lesley College Cambridge.Cultural exchangestudies and teaching at Centre for Education in Art Therapy, Boston, U.S.A.
1994 : Course in Avatar, (Harry Palmer from U.S.A.) a course about belief- systems, reality and conciousness into pure creations, the Netherlands.

Active profession in Visual Art
1969 - now : active as graphical artist and painter, as designer for theatre and stage sets, and environmental designing. In collaboration with architects and commissioners of monumental art: sculptures / wall paintings Theatre productions (scenografy)
1979 - 1984 : Designing many stages and environmental installations, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
1999 - 2000 : NO.EXQ= stage and environmental installations, Ommen, The Netherlands

Consultancy and Design
1989 - 1994 : member of commission of consultation for a 30 yr. ecological restructuring plan for the Bleyendijk-esate (100 ha.), Vught, The Netherlands

Photo projects
1976 : Egypt / Nature, People and Ancient Arts.
1980 : U.S.A. / New York / New York Reflections.
1984 : Marocco / Nature and People. 1985 : the Netherlands / Dutch Shallows (Iles): Nature powers from sand, wind, seawater and sunlight: a process off continuous creating and destroying shapes and structures by interactional movement. Installations.
1991 : France / Eastern Pyrenees / Interior falling into decay in an abandoned mountain village. Performances in Visual art
1975 - now : Various group- and solo performances in Municipal Museum of Modern Art (Stedelijk Museum) in Amsterdam and in Kampen, Zwolle, Nijmegen, Dussen, Bloemendaal, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Paris/France, Finland

Active profession in Visual Art education
1975 - now : founder of Centre of Fine-Arts 'Werkplaats Molenpad', Centre for expressive art processing by movement and intuitive teaching 'Motorics', Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1970 - 1976 : teaching Expressive arts at Institute of Technical Education School: Kohnstamm Academy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1976 - 1977 : teaching Expressive art at Primaryschool, Montessori, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1975 - now : teaching courses in Expressive arts, Fine arts and Inner-growth in the Netherlands, France, Finland, Greece and U.S.A.
2005 -
Nexus-EQ World Conference of Emotional Intelligence, The Netherlands.
Tools and wisdom for a ‘Sustainable World’.  As author of the workbook ‘The Timeless Hour’ Michiel Dhont presented his vision and method in sessions of ‘Learning by doing’  of Expressive art by movement and intuition. Aim is to let grow emotional intelligence in being/acting in the world for children and adults.

Performances in Visual Art
1985 : Kasteel Dussen, Dussen the Netherlands
1988 : Overijssel Provinciaal Museum, Zwolle, the Netherlands
1999 : Millennium performance, Hardenberg, the Netherlands

2000 : 'Ontmoetingen', Kloster Frenswegen, Nordhorn, Germany
2001 : Gallery 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2001 : Kulturtage, Emlichheim, Germany

Performances in Music (as musician : double bass and silverflute)
1970 - now : jazz and improvised music performances in concert in the Netherlands, North-Sea Jazz Festival
1981 /1983 /1985, France, Finland, U.S.A., featuring dutch, aswell as foreign musicians (see music C.V.) Various performances in poetry and improvised music / dance
1981 : edited OAAO-(trio/quintet) album L.P.-Record (Atacca label), the Netherlands
1983 : VARA studiorecording /Aad Bos. Broadcasting Comp.Hilversum Holland
1985 : Movie of O.BA.O. concert by VPRO.Television Broadcasting Company Nijmegen, the Netherlands
1996 : CD-edition 'O.BA.O - meets Ab Baars', Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1996 : CD-edition / Solo-grand piano - ' Planet Earthscapes' - 4 improvisations
1999 : BIMHUIS, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Recording and video

Active professional, with international travelling
1963 : U.S.A.(New York), Canada, Mexico
1968 : Italy, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, former Tjechoslowakia, Poland, former East and West Germany
1970 : Greece, Turkey, Syria, Libanon, Italy
1976- 1996 : France
1976 : Egypt (Stipendium of Dutch Ministery of Culture / the Hague)
1979 : U.S.A., Canada, Mexico
1984 : Marocco
1985 : Denmark
1985 - 1997 : Finland 
1987 : U.S.A. (Boston / New York)
1990 : former U.S.S.R. and Estonia
1996 - now : Greece
2000 : Australia

2004 : India
2005 : Slovenia
2005 : Italy

Edited book
'The Timeless hour' for 'Primary / Grammar School' with introduction- and instruction Video. Educational processing in drawing by movement and intuition. Based on 22 special exercises by experience in drawing and clay-work for children as well as for adults.
Edited in Dutch language ISBN 90.74119.66.2 Planning to be edited in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian and French.

2002     By choice  of the  United  Nations  - WHO  Michiel  was asked  to present  his  workbook   The   Timeless  Hour  to  450  participants  of  the  European  Conference  of  Health  &  Education  to be held  in Netherlands

2005     Nexus-EQ  World Conference of Emotional Intelligence to be held in Netherlands. Tools and wisdom for a 'Sustainable World'.
As author of the workbook The Timeless Hour Michiel has been invited to present his vision and method in sessions of 'Learning by doing through Communication' of Expressive Art by movement and intuition.  Aim is to let grow emotional & Social Intelligence for children as well as adults in being/acting in the world.

Catalogue essay:
Art and therapy. A corporation of four german artist and two dutch artists. Edited in both german and dutch language
1989 In many Magazines in Finland. Arta Grafica no. 5. Belgium / The Netherlands
1989 Onkruid no. 102- the Netherlands
1990 Vakblad voor Creatieve Therapie N.V.K.T. the Netherlands
1992 Olijf, Vereniging voor gyneacologische Kanker, Nederland, no.4 / okt '98

1975 : Wetering Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1976 : Institut Neérlandais, Paris, France
1978 : Egmond aan den Hoef Gallery, the Netherlands
1978 : De Ploegh Gallery, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
1982 : De Nieuwe Weg Gallery, Doorn, the Netherlands
1982 : De Vaart, Hilversum, the Netherlands
1982 : Het Spant, Bussum, the Netherlands
1983 : Noord-Holland Building, Haarlem, the Netherlands
1983 : North-Sea Jazz Festival: New York Reflections (Project the Hague, the Netherlands)
1985 : Art Association Grenø, Denmark
1986 : World Trade Center: New York Reflections (project Amsterdam), the Netherlands
1986 : Heineken Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1987 : Delfi Gallery, Zwolle, the Netherlands
1988 : Pelin Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
1988 : Art Association Tampere, Tampere, Finland
1988 : Overijssel Provinciaal Museum, Zwolle, the Netherlands
1989 : Gollong Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France
1990 : Hartelust Gallery, Bloemendaal, the Netherlands
1992 : Hoge School Midden-Nederland, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
1993 : Industrial Union F.N.V. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1994 : Amsterdam Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1994 : De Lange Gallery, Emmen, the Netherlands
1996 : World Fashion Centre Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1997 : K.C.O. Zwolle, exhibition Evenementenhal, Hardenberg, the Netherlands
1997 : G.A.F. Art-manifestation Baarn, the Netherlands
1997 : Evenementen-Kunsthal, Hardenberg, in the Netherlands
1998 : Bornse Kunst Stichting B.K.S. Borne, the Netherlands
1999 : Kunsthuis Vechtdal, Hardenberg, the Netherlands
2000 : Kunsthuis Vechtdal, Hardenberg

2000 : 'Ontmoetingen', Kloster Frenswegen, Nordhorn, Germany
2001 : Gallery 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2001 : Gallery Baumeister, Getelo, Germany
2001 : Gallery SVB, Social Insurance Bank, Amstelveen, the Netherlands
2004 : Gallery SFB-group, Soc. Fund Building Industry, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2004 : Artiade, Main Church, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
2005 : 5th Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea - Florence, Italy
2008 : Dubai Exhibition
/ Dubai - United Emirates / Middle East

Work in official and private collections:
Artworks in the collection of the Municipal Museum of Modern Art (Stedelijk Museum), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Artworks in many variaties in private collections in U.S.A., Canada, France, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Filipines and the Netherlands.
Monumental works in several private enterprise buildings, hotels and private houses in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
e-mail: michiel -AT-

info: the Workbook 't Tijdloze Uur / 'the Timeless hour' look at